Ntsente confess Life More buried After 8 Years

Nkosinathi Ntsente (39 years), a minibus taxi driver from the village Hluleka in Transkei, South Africa, dikabarkan back to his family, some time ago. In fact he died and was buried 8 years ago.

Miracle return Ntsente joy to be greeted by family and friends. Although they initially did not believe, but because they make Himself a funeral procession, finally can not say a word-what else. Fact that the men who died Nkosnathi Ntsente in ditembak riot involving taxi drivers' association in the border city of Transkei

Ntsente return, making it famous. Everyone wanted to hear kisahnya. Of course, bored with no-bosannya Ntsente told a story full of mystical aroma. From morning to afternoon, he continues to repeat the story how he was forced to survive with the blood of man, corn and wild berry fruit in the forest.

Ntsente ditembak died in 2001 when the commotion involving taxi associations Transkei border. He also told penembaknya see that is in the white minibus taxi. "I saw all kejadiannya. While going to shoot shoot, I saw a man who resembles ditembak me right in the dahinya, right knee, stomach and back, "said Ntsente.

Ntsente then said, with a similar body was then taken to the hospital St. Barnabas in Libode. He also saw people dying and the dead. Mayatnya taken to the hospital mortuary where he diotopsi to put into refrigerator. "I also witnessed the burial of people like me that," he said.

That make people amazed with the story Ntsente when he is told that on the day of his death, he was rapt four people say that as a witch. "I was brought to a dark forest, and I also met many other people also be stolen. We were given only drinking blood and eating izinsipa (like corn) and fruit berryr. I finally freed by the witch is after they say that is too strong to be a crime, "said Ntsente.

News Ntsente own return start sounded ago on March 23, when the uncle who called the Washington Qalingoma (59 years) and His mother called to find Mabhikani Ntsente are not loiter in the way of direction Ngqeleni. They then took him home.

Qalingoma said that he believes has Ntsente rapt. But he can not explain who was buried eight years earlier. He said, all submitted to his father's family to decide whether to dismantle kuburannya box to view the content of her death.

Practice knowledge is much magic going on in Africa. For instance in Kenya, no less than 300 people suspected of the science of black magic burned mass. Most of the victims of the kidnapping is a magician children. They kidnap children for ritual sacrifice at the time mystical.

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