Transfer pemain

Pemain Klub Lama Klub Baru Harga Tahun Transfer Status
Diego Milito Genoa Inter Milan Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Aaron Mokoena Blackburn Portsmouth Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Jordi Gomez Espanyol Wigan Athletic Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Kahlenberg AJ Auxerre VfL Wolfsburg Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Sergio Floccari Atalanta Genoa Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Yoan Gourcuff AC Milan Bordeaux Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Hernan Crespo Inter Milan Genoa Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Fabio Quagliarella Udinese Napoli Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Djimi Traore Portsmouth AS Monaco Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Alberto Paloschi Milan Parma Tidak diketahui 2009 Pinjaman
Danijel Pranjic Heerenveen Bayern Munich Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Fernando Meira Galatasaray Zenit St Petersburg Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Ben Sahar Chelsea Espanyol Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Edson Braafheid Twente Bayern Munich Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Gabriel Obertan Girondins de Bordeaux Manchester United Tidak Diketahui 2009 Permanen
Daniel Sturridge Manchester City Chelsea tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Tiago Dutra Gremio Villarreal Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Thiago Motta Genoa Inter Milan Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Gael Givet Olympique Marseille Blackburn Rovers Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Anatoliy Tymoschuk Zenit St Petersburg Bayern Munich Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Alexander Baumjohann Borussia Monchengladbach Bayern Munich Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Stefano Guberti Bari AS Roma Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Robert Acquafresca Inter Milan Genoa Tidak diketahui 2009 Permanen
Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United Real Madrid 80 juta poundsterling 2009 Permanen
Djibril Cisse Olympique Marseille Panathinaikos 8 juta euro 2009 Permanen
Ricardo Kaka AC Milan Real Madrid 65 juta euro 2009 Permanen
Karim Benzema Olympique Lyon Real Madrid 35 juta euro 2009 Permanen
Mario Gomez VfB Stuttgart Bayern Munich 30 Juta Euro 2009 Permanen
Juan Fernando Arango Real Mallorca Monchengladbach 3,6 juta euro 2009 Permanen
Orlando Engelaar PSV Eindhoven Schalke 04 3,5 juta euro 2009 Permanen
Carlos Tevez Manchester United Manchester City 26,5 juta poundsterling 2009 Permanen
Diego Ribas Werder Bremen Juventus 24,5 juta euro 2009 Permanen
Roque Santa Cruz Blackburn Rovers Manchester City 15 juta poundsterling 2009 Permanen
Raul Albiol Valencia Real Madrid 15 juta euro 2009 Permanen
Garreth Barry Aston Villa Manchester City 12 Juta Poundsterling 2009 Permanen
Thomas Vermaelen Ajax Amsterdam Arsenal 12 juta euro 2009 Free Transfer
Bernardo Coraddi Reggina Udinese 0 2009 Free Transfer
Sami Hyypia Liverpool Bayer Leverkusen 0 2009 Free Transfer
Michael Owen Newcastle United Manchester United 0 2009 Free Transfer
Fabio Cannavaro Real Madrid Juventus 0 2009 Free Transfer
Massimo Oddo Bayern Munich AC Milan 0 2009 Permanen
Ivica Olic Hamburg SV Bayern Munich 0 2009 Free Transfer
Luis Jimenez Inter Milan West Ham United 0 2009 Pinjaman
Antonio Barragan Deportivo Valladolid 0 2009 Free Transfer
Jeremy Mathieu Toulouse FC Valencia 0 2009 Free Transfer
Bruno Renan Gremio Villarreal 2009 Permanen

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The explosion killed the victim Kuningan 9 People General / Friday, 17 July 2009 12:59 WIB

Jakarta: The victim died due to explosion at Hotel JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, Jumat (17 / 7), until 11:26 o'clock WIB, amounted to nine people. Six of them died in the Hotel JW Marriots, two in the Ritz Carlton, and one at the Hospital Medistra. Meanwhile, the victim reached 42 people injured and treated at several hospitals.
Head of Public Relations Division Mabes Police Inspector General Police Nanang Sukarna states, until now one injured victims treated at Pertamina Central Hospital, 10 Hospital in Jakarta, 29 in the Metropolitan Hospital Medical Center (MMC), and two victims in hospital Medistra.
After more than three hours, the atmosphere at a location still mencekam explosion. Increasingly tight defense and space journalist dipersempit. Nine cars and two ambulance car fire was bersiaga. Until now, the team Gegana and police continue to investigate the cause of explosion

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Bom blasting Lukai Heart of India Law & Criminal / Friday, 17 July 2009 21:06 WIB

Jakarta: Action blasting bombs at Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday morning, is considered not only to kill some people and harm the feelings of his family, but it hurt all the people of Indonesia.
"This is a problem with the entire Indonesian nation and must be completed together," said members of the House of Representatives Commission VI Nurhayati Assegaf ANTARA when contacted in Jakarta on Friday night.
Nurhayati request to all elements of society can be wise and together with this problem, not blame each other vice versa. According to him, the issue is not only blasting bomb error pemeritahan President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, but can occur in anyone of government.
He cite, blasting at the Australian Embassy Jalan HR Rasuna Said Jakarta in 2004, still in President Megawati's government. "At that time, Mr. Yudhoyono as presidential candidates help find a solution and believe in President Megawati's government can solve them," said DPP Deputy Secretary-General is Democrat.
In the event blasting bombs at this time, he said, not blame each other's time, but must together overcome the problems with this possible. Say, `in the Constitution Article 45 which states have the obligation to avenge the country of Indonesia.
"Art is explicitly stated that all nations are obliged to avenge Indonesian state," he said. Nurhayati also ask all parties to high for together at this time restore the conditions become more conducive.
Berdemokrasi In the process, he said, to forget the quick results or "quick count" and together overcome this problem and rely on the existing government. According to him, he said to give open statements in the press conference is a form of kekhawatirannya top events that are not human.
As a woman, he said, was very concerned over the safety of children and their families. "Therefore we have to each other membentu to finish this problem quickly," he said.
Nurhayati also asserted, the bomb detonation is not related to a particular religion. If there are radical groups of people, he said, so dirangkul together can bertata Krama as community widely.
Bomb explosion in both the hotel killing eight people and caused 53 others injured.

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Moluccas Island

The Maluku islands, sometimes called the Moluccas, are a string of islands stretching between Sulawesi and Papua in the eastern part of the Indonesian archipelago. It was also known historically as Spice Islands; and it was the aromatic smell of the spices - nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon, then very valuable and were nowhere else to be found except on these island - that had brought both Chinese and Arab traders in the 7th century and the Western colonialists in the 16th century to these islands.

Ambon, a tiny island in the middle of the Maluku islands, despite its size had always been in the center of the hub, a busy port of call for the trading ships and later on for the colonialists battle and cargo ships. It therefore inherited the diversity and colourful cultures and religions as the consequence of such a position. For most of its history there has been little conflict between these different elements, however in 1999 a major clash between the two major religion group, Christians and Moslems, broke out.

During this clash the few dive operators operating there left, and what little amount of diving activities that existed previously stopped. Peace has now returned to the island, and dive activities have started again. A dive operator called Maluku Divers has opened in Latuhalat in the southern part of the island and this small outfit gives good service to divers. Accommodation is provided in the dive center or in the house next door. The rooms are basic but clean, with hot water and air conditioner. There are daily flights from Jakarta to Ambon with stopover in Makassar by Lion Air and Mandala Airlines. From the airport the dive center is about 1 hour drive or 40 minutes boat ride.

Ambon island consists of two peninsulas connected together in their eastern tip. Diving in Ambon is mainly done along the southern coasts of the southern arm. These locations are easily reached in 15-30 minutes boat ride from the dive center. Other dive locations are located in Nusa Tiga, a cluster of tiny islands in the western tip of Ambon, and in the southern tip of Seram, the bigger island located north of Ambon. These can be reached by about 1 hour of speed boat ride from Latuhalat. Further away, there are dive locations in Saparua, Molana and Nusa Laut islands to the east of Ambon, about 1.5 hours of speedboat ride from Latuhalat.

The highlight of diving in Ambon is its underwater garden. Coral growth here is amazing, very healthy and virgin almost everywhere. Diversity is top notch. Large size sea fans, barrel sponges and table corals are abundant, indicating none or disturbances from human activities. In almost all dive you would be presented with the full splendour of underwater colours. In Pintu Kota and Hukurila there are caverns with walls and roofs covered in many hued soft corals. With visibility in the range of 25-30 meters in a normal day, wide angle photography of undersea garden is bound to be good here.

The nudibranch hunter types would be disappointed though, especially those who have been spoiled by the diversity and abundance of nudibranch in Bali. But other macro photography objects abounds - small commensal shrimps and crabs living in crinoids, anemones, whip corals, soft corals, sea urchins and sea cucumbers are found in many sites.

Ambon also has its own 'Lembeh' for muck diving lovers. Laha I and Laha II in the southern part of Ambon's northern peninsula are shallow dive locations with a lot of rubbish and coral rubble piles, and low visibility. But among the garbage live weedy scorpionfish, raggy scorpionfish, large black frogfish, huge green frogfish, stonefish, mandarin fish, sea horse, pipe fish, octopus, cuttlefish, porcupine fish, flounders, sand divers, many moray eels and zillions of boxer shrimps.

Fish are plentiful, though the bigger pelagic types are not so often found here. There are sharks and devil rays here but they are not always found. There are schools of fusiliers and snappers in most places and big napoleon wrasse families and schools of huge surgeonfish and black snappers are often sighted in some locations.

Smaller reef fish are everywhere and there are more dartfish here than in other places. In a dive site in Nusa Tiga islands we can dive among clouds of juvenile blue triggerfish. I say clouds because there were zillions of them swimming around, literally looking like black clouds covering the reef front slope. In among these triggerfish there are schools of bannerfish and pyramid butterflyfish. Some of the more exotic reef fish often seen here include the barramundi grouper, which are considered delicacy by some people.

Most of the dive sites offer easy diving, but in some at tide in or tide out times current can be quite strong. However in Nusa Tiga, Seram, Molana and Nusa Laut which are the best sites for viewing the bigger fish, when the current is strong the fish are also abundant. Although some say the best time for diving in Ambon is around November to January, diving here is all year around.

In front of Ambon harbour there's a good diving in a wreck of a cargo ship from WW II era. The ship is still more or less intact with masts still standing. The shallowest part, its stern, is at around 12-14 meters and the deepest is at 37 meters. Although intact it is covered with corals, ascidian and sponges growth and freqented by schools of fish. An octopus live in the shallow part

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White Sand Beach in the World Most Subtile (Maluku Tenggara.Indonesia)

Beach Ngurbloat or more recognized by the city of Tual with Pasir Panjang Beach is a stunning beach, located in the Village Ngilngof in the western part of the island of Kei Kecil (Indonesia Maluku Tenggara).

White sand that extends about 5 km, thousands of coconut trees that spread dipinggir beaches, crystal clear sea water and the waves turn the quiet will make you endure long-berlama this place. This region is still very natural and is a regional tour that is easily reached by the population in this island of K

In addition, the color of sand beach Ngurbloat this bright white and very soft. Cloudy conditions in the area, sand beach and still look fulgent enough dazzle. At the time the condition of the heat, sand beach is not such a hot sand-sand beach in general. Softness of sand on the beach Ngurbloat community can only be believed by softness ditandingi flour. Conditions that distinguish Ngurbloat with the other coast
For tourists who bring children under five, do not forget to bring the equipment to play sand. Small fine sand beach that makes the skin feel comfortable when the brush with.
In the area who can also swim. The location is quite safe and knowledgeable because Ngurbloat sloping beach. Small islands are located opposite the beach with the sea makes waves at the beach is not too large and arusnya is not overpowering.
A number of rooms in some lodging around there provided for tourists who want to spend the night at the seaside. Lodging lodging-house is generally a stagy style made of tropical wood.

Ngurbloat Beach, located on the west coast of Kei Kecil Island around 20 km from Tual, capital of Southeast Maluku Regency. Areas that can be achieved using a rented car or public transport that have a certain market in Ohoijang, Langgur. Travel from coast to Tual Ngurbloat be about one hour. Along the way the carpet is more visible shrub. There are a number of small villages lying scattered on the carpet between the shrub.
Land on the island of Kei Kecil in the form of the coral reef only a certain type of plant that can grow there. Rarely found large trees and lush.
To go to Maluku Tenggara itself, tourists can use the aircraft or ship from Ambon. Travel from the airport Pattimura, Ambon, the Airport Dumatubun in Langgur be approximately 1.5 hours using a small plane. Almost every day there is a flight from Ambon to associate with Langgur different.
For those who like to use sea transportation, travel can be done from the Port of Yos Sudarso, Ambon, Tual to the Port. This trip takes approximately 18 minutes by using the passenger ship owned by PT Pelni. Including the time of the stop in about two hours in the port of Banda Naira. However, sea travel is usually only one time in a week.

Location: P. Kei Kecil, Kab. Maluku Tenggara.

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Fans brave torrential rain at 'Harry Potter' premiere

LONDON, England If Potions Professor Horace Slughorn had mixed a brew to conjure up torrential rain, the weather could not have been worse for the premiere of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."
Dedicated fans braved thunder, lightning and Biblical downpours in London's Leicester Square to catch a glimpse of the film's stars arriving at the opening of the sixth film in the wildly popular "Harry Potter" franchise.
While dreadful weather has become an unfortunate tradition at Potter premieres (it rained during the 2007 premiere of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"), the latest installment holds something new for fans.
"The Half-Blood Prince" offers up an uncommonly large helping of humor as Harry, Hermione and Ron enter their sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Are you excited about the new Harry Potter film or is it just hype? Tell us below in the Sound Off box.
"I think this film's funnier," said star Daniel Radcliffe who plays the titular young hero. "There are a couple of moments which I laughed out loud at."
Hormones are also running high inside the castle walls, with romances blossoming between some of the formerly chaste characters. But, says director David Yates, for all the romance and humor, the film still has a very dark side.
"It is a bit bipolar," Yates told CNN. "On the one hand, there's all this snogging and romance and on the other hand people are getting killed and bridges are being blown up."
"The humor is there to kind of leaven the intensity of what happens later on in the movie," he added. Video The latest on the Harry Potter video game »
If the latest Harry Potter installment treads more adult terrain, it's not just because the three lead actors -- who started as unknown children -- have grown up.
The three have amassed huge fortunes and international recognition off the back of the films. Daniel Radcliffe wowed Broadway by going nude in "Equus," Emma Watson has become the face of Burberry and Rupert Grint recently hit the headlines with a dose of swine flu.
A dark storyline runs through the core of "The Half-Blood Prince": The ascendancy of the malevolent Lord Voldemort threatens the wizarding world, while tragic events provide some genuinely scary moments and spell the end of childhood for Harry and the others.
"I think it's aimed at a slightly older audience," says Emma Watson, 19, who plays bookish heroine Hermione Granger in the franchise. "I think the films have grown up with the audience." The change of pace also affords a bigger role for Draco Malfoy, Potter's long-time enemy, when he is charged by Voldemort with a very special evil mission.
"It's fantastic for me personally to get a chance to sink my teeth slightly more into this young lad we've spent five years establishing as a vile evil so-and-so," said Tom Felton, who plays Malfoy. "This film was a chance to show some other side of him -- some vulnerability and guilt for the first time."
he relationship between Harry and Hogwarts headmaster, Professor Albus Dumbledore, reprised by award-winning Brit Michael Gambon, is also explored in more depth in this film. Potter has changed from a schooboy into a young man and their relationship becomes more of a close friendship.
It is Harry that Dumbledore takes with him on the quest for a "horcrux" that forms the genuinely chilling and visually stunning climax of the film.
Fans have had to wait an extra eight months for the latest installment after Warner Bros (which, like CNN, is owned by Time Warner) delayed the release of the movie after the success of "The Dark Knight" to spread out its blockbusters. It is estimated the film cost $250 million to make.
The last film, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," came out in 2007 and took $938 million at the box office worldwide. The five films have so far made $4.5 billion in worldwide box office, making it the most successful movie franchise in history.
The Harry Potter franchise is based on the best-selling series of books by British writer J.K Rowling. The first film, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," directed by Chris Columbus, was released in 2001.

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Paris Jackson emerges as surprise voice of memorial

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's daughter touched the hearts of millions when she bid a tearful farewell to her father at his memorial service in a rare public appearance.
With her brief speech, 11-year-old Paris Jackson also shocked the event's organizers, who said her appearance was not a planned part of Tuesday's star-studded tribute to the "King of Pop" at Los Angeles' Staples Center.
"Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine," she said, fighting back tears as relatives consoled her.
"And I just want to say that I love him so much," she said as she burst into tears and sought refuge in the embrace of family members.
For many watching, Paris' appearance marked a rare glimpse of a child who has spent most of her life shielded from the public.
Born to two mothers -- Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe and an unidentified woman who reportedly served as a surrogate -- Jackson's three children lived and traveled the world with him, their faces often covered by veils and masks when appearing in public.
In its execution, the speech appeared to be a surprise to those onstage and off.
"It was a surprise they were there. All of us who know them were delighted they were strong enough to come and feel this love and great outpouring for their dad," Kenny Ortega, the choreographer ("Dirty Dancing") who was directing Jackson's "This Is It" comeback concerts in London, England, told CNN's Campbell Brown. "We would've never expected that they had the strength. It was beautiful."
Ortega, a longtime Jackson colleague who helped design the singer's 1990s tours, said planners left the end of the show open for family members to speak if they wished to, but he was surprised when the Jackson clan -- among them, his siblings and children -- went onstage for the two last songs, "We Are the World" and "Heal the World."
Marlon Jackson told the crowd that his sister, pop star Janet Jackson, wished to say some words. Instead, Janet appeared to encourage Paris to come forward from the sea of black dresses and suits and take the microphone, adjusting it and stroking the child's hair as Paris delivered her words.
Ortega said he was touched by Paris' speech.
"Michael was so close with these beautiful children," he said.
"Little Paris was his biggest fan. ... A little girl couldn't love her papa more."
The heartfelt display sparked a groundswell of emotion in the auditorium and around the world, where millions of viewers watched the service on television and the Internet.
"The saddest moment was when Michael Jackson's daughter spoke," said Angelina Martinez, who attended the service with her daughter, Jessica.
"She was really in pain. Everybody was crying inside," she said. "It was beauty combined with sadness."
Attendees, performers and speakers alike struggled for composure throughout the two-plus-hour event, which featured performances from Lionel Richie, Jennifer Hudson and Usher.
But to many, Paris' tribute cast Jackson in the one role few have experienced him as: a father.
"It was very, very touching, and really it was an example of the good parent Michael was, because when I was at Neverland and with the kids he really was a good loving father -- they had a fantastic relationship, and they were very close-knit," Stuart Backerman said.
"So to see Paris come on in such an emotional moment and obviously give her heart out to her father was very, very touching."
Others saw the tribute as a whole as Jackson's final legacy to his children.

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CR9 clothes in demand once

General News: Madrid - spectacular events in the reception Cristiano Ronaldo Santiago Bernabeu, as the new Real Madrid proportionate interest fans straight to the chase shirt. In short, sweet jersey CR9 demand.

According to local media reports, only about two minutes after Ronaldo are presented in the Bernabeu, on Monday (6/7/2009) afternoon local time, at least 2000 Madrid replica shirt numbered 9 and sold with Ronaldo.

Interestingly, as made daily As, the number is outside the approximately 300 T-shirt taken without pay, aka stolen from the store. Also, at the official Los Blancos store queue occurs visitors one hour before the store opened.

CR9 Madrid replica shirts sold at prices 85 euro or Rp 1 million more. Buy Ronaldo from Manchester United is worth 95 million euros. When officially introduced, the fans in the eyes Bernabeu stadium was 80,000, and it was a new record.

Apart from Ronaldo, Kaka jersey with the name is also in demand sweet. Before introduced to the public last week, thousands kaosnya diserbu Madridista although not yet at that time numbered (8).

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Chelsea: Price Ribery 70 Million Pounds

LONDON - Travel career Winger Franck Ribéry Bayern Munich is still a hot media reports Europe. Two clubs rich English and Spanish origin are still smooth gentle persuasion to seduce Ribery.
Statement of interest with the French Timnas is the first time management was Real Madrid. Either because the price is not suitable or maintained, management of FC Hollywood says Ribery is not for sale.

Later appears on a line of European club board as Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea. Tragisnya, argues that leaders Bayern Ribery still maintained.

Disitat like the sun, on Wednesday (8/7/2009), The Blues bid 59 million euros to Bayern. At the time, claimed to Bayern will not decline if there is a club that dares to bid up to 80 million euros.

Do not want to lose competitiveness, a new Chelsea bid. No half-hearted, Chelsea submit to Ribery transfer price of 70 million Pounds Sterling. If realized, then Ribery will be the players who occupy these second order in the world, after the Real Madrid Winger Cristiano Ronaldo with the official 80 million Pounds Sterling.

Chalsea seems very serious with this bid. Evidence, Bayern diultimatum provide answers at the latest next weekend.

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Commentary: Google and Microsoft free-for-all

When Christine Varney was confirmed in May as the Obama administration's top antitrust cop, some of her words from last year sent a chill through the Googleplex, the search engine's headquarters in Silicon Valley.

During the waning days of the Bush administration, Varney worried that the government would not do enough about Google: "I think we're going to continually see a problem, potentially, with Google, who I think so far has acquired a monopoly in Internet online advertising lawfully."
Now she's in a position to do something about it.
Having a legally obtained monopoly is not a crime, but abusing it to gain unfair advantages in other markets can be.The most recent landmark cases on this in technology have been the decade-long investigations and prosecutions on Microsoft's dominance of PC software.

In those cases, competitors complained that the software giant's near-monopoly on operating systems allowed it to get the upper hand in other markets, for example, by gaining an advantage on the Web through bundling Microsoft's Internet Explorer with every copy of Windows.

Now Google has Microsoft-like dominance in search and search advertising. What should it not be allowed to do?
That question may come to define this era of antitrust law. When Varney was confirmed, she withdrew the Bush administration's report setting relatively conservative standards of antitrust enforcement and declared, "The Antitrust Division will be aggressively pursuing cases where monopolists try to use their dominance in the marketplace to stifle competition and harm consumers."

How might Google's dominance be harming consumers? Ask makers of such items as books and newspapers and advertisers and all will say they are concerned about Google's clout and ability to act unilaterally because of its dominance. Google, meanwhile, has been on a charm offensive for the past few weeks, emphasizing how easy it is for consumers to switch to other search engines and how small it is compared to other companies that have been in a similar position in the past, such as Microsoft, AT&T and IBM.

The Web is still a new territory, with the boundary lines of markets in flux. At least in the Microsoft case, we knew what an "operating system" and "Web browser" were. But on the Web, where software is a Web site, not something you buy in a box, and everything is just one click away from everything else, core antitrust concepts such as "lock-in" and "barriers to entry" will have to be redefined.

One of the most interesting issues that Varney will have to face is Google's use of free. This is not 20th Century "free," as in "buy one, get one free" or "free gift inside." Instead, it's really Free (let's dignify it with a capital F), something that's only possible in the digital age, where costs are close to zero.

Like many Web companies, Google gives away most of what it does. Its searches are free, as are its e-mail, maps, online word processor and spreadsheet, and nearly 300 other products, from directory assistance (GOOG411) to Google Earth.

This use of Free is part of its "max strategy" -- it uses Free to get its products in the hands of the greatest number of users, and then figures out some way to get money from them (mostly with ads, but sometimes with "pro" versions of the services, in which users can pay for more storage or features, using the "freemium" business model).

Google can give away so much because the incremental cost of serving one more Web page to one more user is almost nothing -- and falling as technology gets cheaper. This is the difference between the "bits economy" and the "atoms economy." The marginal cost of production for digital things is so low that Free becomes not just a marketing gimmick but the default price in most markets, driven by economic forces as real online as gravity is in the real world.

But companies still have to make money, so there are limits to how much they can provide free. Not a problem for Google. Its core advertising business is so powerful, dominant and profitable that it can subsidize almost everything else the company does, using Free to get customers in new markets.

Is that fair, when so many of its competitors don't have a similar golden goose at the core of their operations?

The analogy is something like the semiconductor battles of the 1980s, when Japanese companies were accused of "dumping" (selling for under cost) memory chips in the U.S. market to drive out U.S. competitors. Any time you are giving away a product, you are by definition selling it for less than cost (even if the cost is just a fraction of a cent).

Note that no court or regulator has yet suggested that there's anything remotely like this going on in the use of Free online. But when Varney starts looking at ways that Google is using its search dominance to win new markets, its use of Free is going to have to be one of the things she considers.

Could Free be OK for little companies, but not really big ones? How much market share would you have to have in one market to disallow you from using Free in another?

As she digs into this, she may find that it takes her back to Microsoft itself. As entrepreneur Alex Iskold has pointed out, Google is using the profits from its search advertising dominance to fund its competition with Microsoft in word processors and spreadsheets (Google Docs).

Microsoft, meanwhile, is doing just the opposite: using the profits from its dominance of word processors and spreadsheets (Microsoft Office) to subsidize its competition with Google in search (Microsoft Bing). In each case, the companies are using a highly profitable paid product to make another product free, on the hopes of gaining market share by taking price off the table.

The difference this time is that Google is the dominant player, and at least as far as search goes, Microsoft is a struggling upstart. Confused yet? Then spare a thought for Varney. She not only has to figure out what markets need protection, but also how to do that (to say nothing of the poignant irony of Microsoft complaining about unfair monopolies). Tough job. Who would have thought that there was anything not to like about Free?

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France reverses 'black box' claim

A French government minister has reversed earlier claims that a "black box" recorder from a plane that crashed in the Indian Ocean has been found.

French Minister for Co-operation Alain Joyandet said signals picked up by rescuers came from a distress beacon.

Earlier, an official said efforts to retrieve one of the black box recorders would begin during the day.

The plane, flying from the Yemeni capital Sanaa to the Comoros, came down in bad weather with 153 on board.

Meanwhile doctors say the only survivor of the crash, teenage girl Baya Bakari, is recovering and in no danger.

There were 66 French nationals among the passengers. Most of the rest were Comorans.

map of comoros islands

See large map and timeline

Most of the passengers had flown on a different Yemenia aircraft from Paris or Marseille before boarding flight IY626 in Sanaa.

Find out more about the black box

Most aircraft have a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder.

"The Transall (military plane) that picked up an acoustic signal did not, despite what was said this morning, detect the beacons of the flight recorders, but rather what appear to be its distress beacons," Mr Joyandet said in Moroni, the Comoros capital, AFP news agency reported.

'Still hope'

A French vessel has been sent to the site to start recovery operations, she added. French rescue teams are already involved in the search for survivors.

She's a very timid girl, I never thought she would escape like that
Father of survivor Baya Bakari

Yemen airline's safety questioned
Ties that bind: Comoros and France
In pictures: Yemeni plane crash
How to survive a plane crash

Apart from the 14-year-old girl found alive, no-one from the plane has been confirmed alive, and rescuers say chances of finding more survivors are slim.

AFP news agency quoted hospital sources in the Comoros capital Moroni as saying they were preparing to receive another child survivor, but Mr Joyandet later said no more survivors had been found.

Sources close to the Comoran rescue team say the only confirmed survivor, who has been named as Baya Bakari, was being treated in Moroni and her condition had improved.

The Associated Press news agency quoted her father as saying she had been travelling with her mother to the Comoros from Paris to visit family.

Kassim Bakari said she had been ejected from the plane when it came down and clung to debris for several hours until she was rescued.

"She's a very timid girl, I never thought she would escape like that," he said, describing her as "fragile" and barely able to swim.

He added that he was mourning the loss of his wife whilst overjoyed at his daughter's extraordinary escape.

Doctors at the hospital said she had cuts to her face and a fractured collarbone, but was not in danger.

"She is very calm given the shock she suffered," surgeon Ben Imani told Reuters.

Angry protest

The Yemenia Airbus 310 that crashed - photo Air Team Images
France said the plane had been banned from its airspace

The French transport ministry had earlier said the Airbus 310 plane which crashed had been banned from France because of "irregularities".

But Yemenia responded by criticising "false information and speculation about technical problems" on the plane.

Several Comoran expatriates angry with what they see as the poor state of the company's aircraft tried to stop passengers from checking in for another Yemenia flight leaving Paris Charles de Gaulle airport for Sanaa.

About 60 people failed to check in, reports said, but it was not clear how many did so as a result of the protest.

The crash was the second involving an Airbus aircraft in recent weeks. On 1 June an Air France Airbus 330 travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Paris plunged into the Atlantic, killing all 228 people on board.

Infographic of black box
Flight data recorders, or "black boxes", are in fact orange or red.
Commercial aircraft carry two. One logs performance and condition of aircraft in flight, another records conversations of crew and their contact with Air Traffic controllers during the flight.
The Crash Survivable Memory Unit (CSMU) contains a memory board surrounded by thermal insulation and steel armour that can withstand a crash impact thousands of times the force of gravity and survive in the sea at depths of 20,000ft (6,096m).
The CSMU is insulated to sustain temperatures up to 1,100C for up to an hour or "low" temperature fires of around 260C for 10 hours.
An underwater locator beacon fitted on recorders emits continuous ultrasonic "ping" when they come into contact with water. The signal can reach the surface from depths of 14,000ft

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President’s Ouster Legal, New Honduran Leaders Contend

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras—Flipping through a stack of legal opinions and holding up a detention order signed by a Supreme Court judge, the chief lawyer of the Honduran armed forces insisted that what soldiers carried out over the weekend when they detained President Manuel Zelaya was no coup d’état.
“A coup is a political move,” Col. Herberth Bayardo Inestroza Membreño said in an interview Tuesday night. “It requires the armed forces to assume power of the country, which didn’t happen, and it has to break the rule of law, which didn’t happen, either.”

Governments around the world have decided differently, labeling Mr. Zelaya’s removal an illegal act and calling for his prompt return to power. “We believe that the coup was not legal and that President Zelaya remains the president of Honduras, the democratically elected president there,” President Obama said Monday.

Colonel Bayardo, dressed in green camouflage and wearing a blue beret, described a behind-the-scenes struggle between the armed forces and Mr. Zelaya that played out over weeks before the fateful decision to grab the president from his home, shuttle him to a military base and fly him out of the country.

The army had resisted participating in a referendum on constitutional changes that Mr. Zelaya continued to push after both the Congress and the courts had labeled the president’s move unconstitutional. Army lawyers were convinced that Mr. Zelaya was moving to lift a provision limiting presidents to a single term in office, Colonel Bayardo said.

When the army refused an order to help organize the survey, the president fired the armed forces commander, Gen. Romeo Vásquez. He was later reinstated by the Supreme Court, which found his removal illegal.

The detention order, signed on June 26 by a Supreme Court judge, ordered the armed forces to detain the president, identified by his full name of José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, at his home in the Tres Caminos area of the capital. It cited him for treason and abuse of authority, among other charges.

“It was a clean operation,” Colonel Bayardo said, dismissing Mr. Zelaya’s remarks before the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday in which he described the arrest as a brutal coup. “It was a fast operation. It was over in minutes and there were no injuries, no deaths. We said, ‘Sir, we have a judicial order to detain you.’ We did it with respect.”

Two days before the removal of Mr. Zelaya, military leaders met with Roberto Micheletti, the leader of Congress at the time who has since taken over as president, to discuss what was viewed as a constitutional crisis, Colonel Bayardo said. But it was not until the day before the predawn raid that everything came into place with a flurry of secret meetings involving army and civilian lawyers as well as a small group of political leaders. At about 11 p.m. Saturday, the detention order reached the army’s top command, Colonel Bayardo said. It was carried out early the next morning.

Colonel Bayardo said a tight circle of people knew about the raid, and they did not include any American military or civilian leaders or other foreigners. “We had no obligation to inform the U.S.,” he said.

Ironically, Mr. Zelaya had nurtured close relations with the armed forces during his nearly three and a half years in office. “President Zelaya thought he had bought us,” Colonel Bayardo said. “He raised our salaries. He was our friend.”

But the president considered friendship to be loyalty at all costs, Colonel Bayardo contends.

“His view of friendship was different from ours,” the colonel said, vowing to carry out another arrest of Mr. Zelaya, who has vowed to return to Honduras on Thursday

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Kirsty Howard-bearer She wonders

No one ever thought, little angels so strong and full of spirit to remain alive. Struggle that must undergo the operation many times, but still struggle to make life a lot of sympathy.

In 2001, Kristy maskot into the match on qualifikasi world cup 2002 rivalry between the English against the Greek. Commentator John Motson is the girl with "the bravest person on the pitch", as the assistant of David Beckham to accompany the pitch together with the tube oxygennya the seberat 20 kg.

Due to lack of oxygen menurus hold the lip color always kirsty unggu. 2002, kirsty beckham together into an event The 2002 Commonwealth Games in Jubilee Baton to the Queen Elizabeth II, Manchester.

In 2004, Kirsty became runner opener The Inaugural Great Manchester run, but of course he does not run but use the wheel chairs with oxygen tube under the seat. Thn 2004 Richard Flesshman Kirsty as the guests of honor and sing for the 'Soapstar Supertar'. Then donate the money victory of £ 200,000 for The Kirsty Appeal foundation.

Kirsty personally who have ideas for the establishment of social Kirsty Appeal. Until 2006, he successfully achieve its own target of £ 5,000,000. With these funds didirikanlah a place called Francis house, The Hospice. Place a temporary shelter for children is a critical, the need ongoing care at any time, When the parents need a short break from caring for the child. There the child was not removed, so much activity and excitement in that place. Parents can breathe a moment before re-treat the fruit heart.

Kirsty is currently still the public's attention. He is now aged 13 yr. Condition never setabil and more are in the hospital. This fun little angel did not subside or diminish.

Click invite Kegigihannya impressed many people. Up to various world leaders are to meet specializes girls penyuka color red and love to eat Pizza this. David and Victoria Beckham always menyempatkan self mengunjunginya each month. Prime Minister Tony Blair's personal invites to dwelling. Mohamad Al Fayed to give as well as donors to yayasannya. Queen Elizabeth does not grin and tears linangan and called "Little lady" when meeting.

I find the story of Kirsty accidentally on Google At thn 2000. Right at the time I nearly despair of the working pressure in the office. Because akan interested in the type of aberration deritanya I always looking for news on Google. From year to year is not news that the death of this girl I can, but even that achievement and perjuangannya without surrender that I find. Until this day, the angel kecilku still struggling. Please note, not a single sheet of photo without a smile. Sometimes thought, is not possible without a trial, God gave him purpose. Possible means to help other people through this girl.

Berjuanglah malaikatku, Perjuanganmu has menyelamatkaku.
Thank you Kirsty

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During the growth of living with 50 year

A resident district Kayumalue, Palu Barat, Palu, Central Sulawesi can only face the facts pasrah sekujur filled body growth. Lack of cost to make "human growth" this quarrel with the disease who have menderanya for tens of years.

from head to toe Kadir fulfilled the size of the wart-like marbles. In fact, two of which are large and growing in the stomach and back. Growth-growth commences from a one-two seed that grows in the body 50 years ago.

Due to this disease, Kadir, who was working as a freelance worker now spends more time in the house that is only a wall board. Kadir is the hope of help from the government and generous to help treat the disease. (FRI)

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Ntsente confess Life More buried After 8 Years

Nkosinathi Ntsente (39 years), a minibus taxi driver from the village Hluleka in Transkei, South Africa, dikabarkan back to his family, some time ago. In fact he died and was buried 8 years ago.

Miracle return Ntsente joy to be greeted by family and friends. Although they initially did not believe, but because they make Himself a funeral procession, finally can not say a word-what else. Fact that the men who died Nkosnathi Ntsente in ditembak riot involving taxi drivers' association in the border city of Transkei

Ntsente return, making it famous. Everyone wanted to hear kisahnya. Of course, bored with no-bosannya Ntsente told a story full of mystical aroma. From morning to afternoon, he continues to repeat the story how he was forced to survive with the blood of man, corn and wild berry fruit in the forest.

Ntsente ditembak died in 2001 when the commotion involving taxi associations Transkei border. He also told penembaknya see that is in the white minibus taxi. "I saw all kejadiannya. While going to shoot shoot, I saw a man who resembles ditembak me right in the dahinya, right knee, stomach and back, "said Ntsente.

Ntsente then said, with a similar body was then taken to the hospital St. Barnabas in Libode. He also saw people dying and the dead. Mayatnya taken to the hospital mortuary where he diotopsi to put into refrigerator. "I also witnessed the burial of people like me that," he said.

That make people amazed with the story Ntsente when he is told that on the day of his death, he was rapt four people say that as a witch. "I was brought to a dark forest, and I also met many other people also be stolen. We were given only drinking blood and eating izinsipa (like corn) and fruit berryr. I finally freed by the witch is after they say that is too strong to be a crime, "said Ntsente.

News Ntsente own return start sounded ago on March 23, when the uncle who called the Washington Qalingoma (59 years) and His mother called to find Mabhikani Ntsente are not loiter in the way of direction Ngqeleni. They then took him home.

Qalingoma said that he believes has Ntsente rapt. But he can not explain who was buried eight years earlier. He said, all submitted to his father's family to decide whether to dismantle kuburannya box to view the content of her death.

Practice knowledge is much magic going on in Africa. For instance in Kenya, no less than 300 people suspected of the science of black magic burned mass. Most of the victims of the kidnapping is a magician children. They kidnap children for ritual sacrifice at the time mystical.

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grandmother 70 years can be delivered

In India, India A woman gave birth to first child at the age of 70 years, after receiving the IVF, so the daily reports that some doctors who cite information merawatnya,
Rajo Devi, who married 50 years ago, women bear a baby on 28 November, after the fertilization tube, said Anurag Bishnoi, a doctor at the fertility center of Hisar in the state of Haryana.
"Rajo Devi and (her husband) Bala Ram came to the center for treatment and transfer of embryo conducted on 19 April," Bishnoi said the Hindustan Times. "Mother and baby are in good health."

Devi Bishnoi says the mother is the oldest in the world. One more Indian people aged 70 years reported the birth child through IVF again in July this year, while Spain is a woman aged 66 years birth to twin babies in 2006.

Devi's husband, aged 72 years, has also married his wife, younger brother 10 years after the first marriage produced no children. Both the wife is not pregnant.

Not clear who the eggs and sperm used in the treatment is successful. "IVF has changed the way we look at fertility," said Bishnoi. "The longer-suburan not be taboo or curse the people of God. That can be treated scientifically.

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An Accord in Pakistan Is Scrapped by Militants

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A powerful Taliban faction in a northwestern tribal region has said it is withdrawing from a peace deal with the government to protest continuing strikes by American drones, confronting the Pakistani military with a possible two-front campaign against militants, according to Pakistani news reports on Tuesday.
The Taliban faction, led by Hafiz Gul Bahadur, operates in the mountainous North Waziristan area along the border with Afghanistan.

It struck a peace deal with the authorities in February 2008, but Mr. Gul Bahadur said the truce was no longer operative. The Taliban announcement on Monday came as American reinforcements were moving into Afghanistan. Taliban fighters there have traditionally relied on havens in Pakistan’s lawless tribal regions.

One day before the announcement, as many as 150 militants attacked a Pakistani military convoy about 22 miles west of Miramshah, the capital of North Waziristan. At least 30 soldiers — the Taliban claimed 60 — were believed to have been killed in the ambush, which pointed to the army’s vulnerability in the area.

Separately, The Associated Press reported that four people were killed in southwestern Pakistan on Tuesday when a car bomber attacked trucks taking supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan.

The end of the peace deal came as the Pakistani military prepared for an offensive against another Taliban group, led by Baitullah Mehsud, in neighboring South Waziristan.

Mr. Mehsud is widely depicted as the main leader of the Taliban in Pakistan and has claimed responsibility for a string of deadly bombings. The Pakistani authorities had been hoping to deny Mr. Mehsud support from North Waziristan, but Mr. Gul Bahadur’s decision has significantly expanded the theater of conflict.

Ahmadullah Ahmadi, a spokesman for Mr. Gul Bahadur, was quoted by Pakistani news organizations as saying that guerrilla attacks would be made against the Pakistani military unless drone attacks were stopped and government troops were pulled out of North Waziristan.

“We will attack forces everywhere in Waziristan unless the government fulfills these two demands,” Mr. Ahmadi told Dawn, Pakistan’s most prestigious English-language daily newspaper. Mr. Ahmadi accused the government of allowing the United States to carry out drone attacks in the region.

Mr. Gul Bahadur says that more than 50 drone strikes since the peace deal have killed hundreds of people, including women and children.

After the attack on the military convoy on Sunday, military vehicles lay wrecked and destroyed around the bodies of soldiers. Under the 2008 peace agreement, militants agreed not to attack security forces or establish a parallel administration. But the peace was tenuous and strained by mutual distrust.

The truce came after the government offered major concessions, like dismantling military checkpoints, releasing detained militants and compensating them and other tribesmen for their losses suffered during the military operation, Pakistani news organizations reported.

In return, elders of the Utman Zai tribe, which inhabits the area, had assured the government that there would be no cross-border movement and that foreigners would not be allowed to take refuge.

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A Star Idolized and Haunted, Michael Jackson Dies at 50

LOS ANGELES — For his legions of fans, he was the Peter Pan of pop music: the little boy who refused to grow up. But on the verge of another attempted comeback, he is suddenly gone, this time for good.
Michael Jackson, whose quintessentially American tale of celebrity and excess took him from musical boy wonder to global pop superstar to sad figure haunted by lawsuits, paparazzi and failed plastic surgery, was pronounced dead on Thursday afternoon at U.C.L.A. Medical Center after arriving in a coma, a city official said. Mr. Jackson was 50, having spent 40 of those years in the public eye he loved.

The singer was rushed to the hospital, a six-minute drive from the rented Holmby Hills home in which he was living, shortly after noon by paramedics for the Los Angeles Fire Department. A hospital spokesman would not confirm reports of cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at 2:26 pm.

As with Elvis Presley or the Beatles, it is impossible to calculate the full effect Mr. Jackson had on the world of music. At the height of his career, he was indisputably the biggest star in the world; he has sold more than 750 million albums. Radio stations across the country reacted to his death with marathon sessions of his songs. MTV, which grew successful in part as a result of Mr. Jackson’s groundbreaking videos, reprised its early days as a music channel by showing his biggest hits.

From his days as the youngest brother in the Jackson 5 to his solo career in the 1980s and early 1990s, Mr. Jackson was responsible for a string of hits like “I Want You Back,” “I’ll Be There” “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” “Billie Jean” and “Black or White” that exploited his high voice, infectious energy and ear for irresistible hooks.

As a solo performer, Mr. Jackson ushered in the age of pop as a global product — not to mention an age of spectacle and pop culture celebrity. He became more character than singer: his sequined glove, his whitened face, his moonwalk dance move became embedded in the cultural firmament.

His entertainment career hit high-water marks with the release of “Thriller,” from 1982, which has been certified 28 times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, and with the “Victory” world tour that reunited him with his brothers in 1984.

But soon afterward, his career started a bizarre disintegration. His darkest moment undoubtedly came in 2003, when he was indicted on child molesting charges. A young cancer patient claimed the singer had befriended him and then groped him at his Neverland estate near Santa Barbara, Calif., but Mr. Jackson was acquitted on all charges.

Reaction to his death started trickling in from the entertainment community late Thursday.

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