grandmother 70 years can be delivered

In India, India A woman gave birth to first child at the age of 70 years, after receiving the IVF, so the daily reports that some doctors who cite information merawatnya,
Rajo Devi, who married 50 years ago, women bear a baby on 28 November, after the fertilization tube, said Anurag Bishnoi, a doctor at the fertility center of Hisar in the state of Haryana.
"Rajo Devi and (her husband) Bala Ram came to the center for treatment and transfer of embryo conducted on 19 April," Bishnoi said the Hindustan Times. "Mother and baby are in good health."

Devi Bishnoi says the mother is the oldest in the world. One more Indian people aged 70 years reported the birth child through IVF again in July this year, while Spain is a woman aged 66 years birth to twin babies in 2006.

Devi's husband, aged 72 years, has also married his wife, younger brother 10 years after the first marriage produced no children. Both the wife is not pregnant.

Not clear who the eggs and sperm used in the treatment is successful. "IVF has changed the way we look at fertility," said Bishnoi. "The longer-suburan not be taboo or curse the people of God. That can be treated scientifically.

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