Kirsty Howard-bearer She wonders

No one ever thought, little angels so strong and full of spirit to remain alive. Struggle that must undergo the operation many times, but still struggle to make life a lot of sympathy.

In 2001, Kristy maskot into the match on qualifikasi world cup 2002 rivalry between the English against the Greek. Commentator John Motson is the girl with "the bravest person on the pitch", as the assistant of David Beckham to accompany the pitch together with the tube oxygennya the seberat 20 kg.

Due to lack of oxygen menurus hold the lip color always kirsty unggu. 2002, kirsty beckham together into an event The 2002 Commonwealth Games in Jubilee Baton to the Queen Elizabeth II, Manchester.

In 2004, Kirsty became runner opener The Inaugural Great Manchester run, but of course he does not run but use the wheel chairs with oxygen tube under the seat. Thn 2004 Richard Flesshman Kirsty as the guests of honor and sing for the 'Soapstar Supertar'. Then donate the money victory of £ 200,000 for The Kirsty Appeal foundation.

Kirsty personally who have ideas for the establishment of social Kirsty Appeal. Until 2006, he successfully achieve its own target of £ 5,000,000. With these funds didirikanlah a place called Francis house, The Hospice. Place a temporary shelter for children is a critical, the need ongoing care at any time, When the parents need a short break from caring for the child. There the child was not removed, so much activity and excitement in that place. Parents can breathe a moment before re-treat the fruit heart.

Kirsty is currently still the public's attention. He is now aged 13 yr. Condition never setabil and more are in the hospital. This fun little angel did not subside or diminish.

Click invite Kegigihannya impressed many people. Up to various world leaders are to meet specializes girls penyuka color red and love to eat Pizza this. David and Victoria Beckham always menyempatkan self mengunjunginya each month. Prime Minister Tony Blair's personal invites to dwelling. Mohamad Al Fayed to give as well as donors to yayasannya. Queen Elizabeth does not grin and tears linangan and called "Little lady" when meeting.

I find the story of Kirsty accidentally on Google At thn 2000. Right at the time I nearly despair of the working pressure in the office. Because akan interested in the type of aberration deritanya I always looking for news on Google. From year to year is not news that the death of this girl I can, but even that achievement and perjuangannya without surrender that I find. Until this day, the angel kecilku still struggling. Please note, not a single sheet of photo without a smile. Sometimes thought, is not possible without a trial, God gave him purpose. Possible means to help other people through this girl.

Berjuanglah malaikatku, Perjuanganmu has menyelamatkaku.
Thank you Kirsty

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