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Jakarta: Action blasting bombs at Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday morning, is considered not only to kill some people and harm the feelings of his family, but it hurt all the people of Indonesia.
"This is a problem with the entire Indonesian nation and must be completed together," said members of the House of Representatives Commission VI Nurhayati Assegaf ANTARA when contacted in Jakarta on Friday night.
Nurhayati request to all elements of society can be wise and together with this problem, not blame each other vice versa. According to him, the issue is not only blasting bomb error pemeritahan President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, but can occur in anyone of government.
He cite, blasting at the Australian Embassy Jalan HR Rasuna Said Jakarta in 2004, still in President Megawati's government. "At that time, Mr. Yudhoyono as presidential candidates help find a solution and believe in President Megawati's government can solve them," said DPP Deputy Secretary-General is Democrat.
In the event blasting bombs at this time, he said, not blame each other's time, but must together overcome the problems with this possible. Say, `in the Constitution Article 45 which states have the obligation to avenge the country of Indonesia.
"Art is explicitly stated that all nations are obliged to avenge Indonesian state," he said. Nurhayati also ask all parties to high for together at this time restore the conditions become more conducive.
Berdemokrasi In the process, he said, to forget the quick results or "quick count" and together overcome this problem and rely on the existing government. According to him, he said to give open statements in the press conference is a form of kekhawatirannya top events that are not human.
As a woman, he said, was very concerned over the safety of children and their families. "Therefore we have to each other membentu to finish this problem quickly," he said.
Nurhayati also asserted, the bomb detonation is not related to a particular religion. If there are radical groups of people, he said, so dirangkul together can bertata Krama as community widely.
Bomb explosion in both the hotel killing eight people and caused 53 others injured.

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